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CT1000 ChargePoint Networked Charging Stations The CT1000 ChargePoint Networked Charging Stations, manufactured by Coulomb Technologies, are specifically designed for the North American market. The CT1000 family of charging stations supports Level 1 (120V @ 16A) charging. The ChargePoint Networked Charging Stations combined with the ChargePoint Network Operating System (NOS) form a smart charging infrastructure for plug-in electric vehicles called the ChargePoint Network. Each local group of charging stations automatically forms a robust self-healing Radio Frequency (RF) mesh network managed by a single gateway charging station—a version of the networked charging stations incorporating an embedded CDMA or GSM cellular modem in addition to RF mesh network functionality. Up to 100 charging stations can communicate to and be managed by a single gateway charging station. The gateway charging station, in turn, utilizes the local cellular network to communicate with the ChargePoint NOS, which runs on a remote secure hosted server managed by Coulomb Technologies. The ChargePoint NOS provides multiple web-based portals for drivers, charging station owners, installers, fleet operators, and utility companies. Coulomb's ChargePoint NOS communicates with and individually controls the networked charging stations in order to provide authentication, management, and real-time control. The ability to individually control each charging station in real time allows the ChargePoint Network to be open to all drivers of plug-in vehicles. Drivers have the option of paying for a single charging session by placing a toll free call to the 24/7 number on each charging station or they can become a ChargePoint Network subscriber by going to www.mychargepoint.net and choosing a monthly subscription plan that fits their lifestyle. Other future payment options include using any smart (RFID) credit/debit card to authorize a session or using a standard credit or debit card at a remote payment station (RPS) to pay for charging sessions. The ChargePoint Network has been designed with an open, standards-based architecture. Drivers who are members of other charging systems will be able to use their authorization smart cards at any ChargePoint networked charging station just like they can roam between cell phone networks. ChargePoint Networked Charging Stations perform bi-directional energy metering via an embedded utility grade electronic meter. The ability to precisely measure and report electricity use enables a sustainable, flexible business model that meets the needs of drivers, corporations, fleet operators, utility companies and municipalities. This revenue generating business model includes flexible subscriber payment methods like "free" charging, pay per use, by subscription, and by kWh (where allowed). Networking Capabilities and Benefits ChargePoint Networked Charging Stations provide unique benefits when compared to non-networked charging stations. Those benefits include: A charging infrastructure open to all drivers without requiring subscriptions A revenue stream to pay for electricity, capital equipment and maintenance Ability for drivers to find unoccupied charging stations via web-enabled cell phones Notification by SMS text or email when charging is complete Authenticated access to eliminate energy theft Authorized energizing for safety Remote monitoring and diagnostics for superior quality of service Smart Grid integration for utility load management with future V2G capabilities Green House Gas savings calculation per driver and per fleet Fleet vehicle management Features Smart Card: open, standards-based RFID provides authorized network access control preventing electricity theft, enhancing safety, and minimizing liability Automatic SMS Text and/or Email notification: alerts drivers of events and issues High Availability: real-time remote control monitoring and management features, minimizes station downtime and enables start/stop charging sessions with lock/unlock door 24/7 ChargePoint Network Customer Support: via toll free telephone number Advanced Level 1 Safety Features: power not energized until: 1. User is authorized 2. Plug is fully inserted 3. Door is relocked Locking Door (Level 1): retains the charging cord to prevent theft, with auto unlock in case of power outage Auto Plug-out Detect (Level 1): automatically detects if charging cord has been un-plugged at the vehicle, de-energizes outlet and optionally notifies driver (patent pending) GFCI: integral hardware ground-fault protection circuitry with auto retry minimizes nuisance GFCI trips Fast Over-Current Detect at Charging Station: minimizes nuisance breaker trips at service panel Bi-Directional, Utility-Grade Power Measurement: integral power metering circuitry provides accurate measurement of energy delivered for charging and allows calculation of Green House Gas savings Wide Area Network Connection – CDMA or GSM: only one gateway charging station with cellular modem required per local group of charging stations HTTPS and 128-bit AES Encryption: ensures secure network communications Integrated RFID Reader: recognizes and identifies ChargePoint Network Smart Cards, RFID credit cards and authorization smart cards from other charging systems Future Proofed: all firmware can be upgraded remotely via the network as new capabilities and functionality become available Electric Utility Demand-Side Management: communication via HTTPS secure link to utility and third party "Smart Grid" management systems provides real-time load shedding of any group of charging stations Vacuum Fluorescent Display: bright and easy to read


Price: $4500.00

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25 Year Performance Warranty