GigaWatt 255W Solar Panel – 60 Cell Poly Black Frame

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The Best Value PV for American Homes Positive power tolerance: guaranteed to produce up to an additional 5W of power. Potential Induced Degradation (PID) module power loss is less than 5% under IEC 62804. Hot-spot protection designed to withstand localized heating caused by cracked, mismatched cells, interconnection failures, or partial shadowing. Tough: designed to withstand heavy snow pressure up to 112 lbs / square ft. High quality cells have efficiencies exceeding 18.3%. Corrosion Resistant: Passes Severity 6, the most severe test condition under IEC 61701. Anti-reflective glass allows more photons to enter the solar cell for maximum output. Outperforming The Competition Although a panel may be rated at "255 Watts", it doesn't mean it will actually put out 255 Watts under real world conditions.  Our panels output more power than other 255 Watt panels from leading manufacturers. 255W Panel  Gigawatt  LG  SolarWorld  Mitsubishi  Hyundai  Kyocera  PTC Output 232W 227W 223.2W 230.5W 226.5W 228.8 *LG, SolarWorld, Mitsubishi, Hyundai and Kyocera are registered trademarks owned by their respective owners. PTC power ratings are availble on the California Energy Comission's website. Model numbers compared are LG255S1K-G3, SW255 Poly, GW255PB, PV-MLE255HD, HiS-S255TG, KD255GX-LPM   PTC refers to PVUSA Test Conditions, which were developed to test and compare PV systems as part of the PVUSA (Photovoltaics for Utility Scale Applications) project. PTC are 1,000 Watts per square meter solar irradiance, 20 degrees C air temperature, and wind speed of 1 meter per second at 10 meters above ground level. PV manufacturers use Standard Test Conditions, or STC, to rate their PV products. STC are 1,000 Watts per square meter solar irradiance, 25 degrees C cell temperature, air mass equal to 1.5, and ASTM G173-03 standard spectrum. The PTC rating, which is lower than the STC rating, is generally recognized as a more realistic measure of PV output because the test conditions better reflect "real-world" solar and climatic conditions, compared to the STC rating. All ratings in the list are DC (direct current) Watts. World Class Manufacturing Facility 97% automation by robotics reduces human error In-House electro-lumniscent  tests rule out invisible defects such as microcracks, finger defects, and low-current output areas. Certain raw components and materials sourced from United States 2.5 GigaWatts of cells and modules produced since 2010   Product & Management System Certificates IEC 61215:2005 IEC 61730-1:2004&IEC 61730-2:2004 UL1703 / CE ISO 9001:2008 Quality management ISO 14001:2004 Standards for environmental management ISO 50001:2011 Energy management OHSAS 18001:2007 International standards for occupational health and safety About GigaWatt Inc We’re an all American company creating local jobs to support the adoption of renewable solar power. As the leader in home installation solar kits, we understand that pricing, reliability, and performance are important to homeowners. Join us in creating a cleaner, greener world and power your life with sunshine!

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GigaWatt 255W Solar Panel – 60 Cell Poly Black Frame