Traveling the South Pole with solar energy only

Traveling the South Pole with solar energy only

Without using a single drop of fuel, the Solar Voyager by Clean2Antarctica traveled 680 km on the South Pole! Fully powered by Autarco solar panels.

Video footage credits: Clean2Antarctica

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Autarco provides a total solar solution with insured kWh guarantee through the integration of the most advanced technologies the solar industry has to offer.

Autarco solar panels and inverters are manufactured on state-of-the-art and fully automated production lines delivering a highly efficient and reliable foundation for the kWh Guarantee. The integrally engineered products are then complemented with cutting edge software and the best Authorized Dealers in the market.

Our commitment to high quality technology and continued R&D combined with years of experience and our impressive track-record enable Autarco to provide a unique proposition that truly protects solar PV owners.

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