Off Grid Solar Battery Bank, 6 Batteries

Off Grid Solar Battery Bank, 6 Batteries

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Off Grid Solar Battery Bank, 6 Batteries. There are four batteries at the moment. I will get two more deep cycle batteries to the basement soon. I probably only need five batteries since the summer sun is going away.

Several days after adding the eighth solar panel there was a full sunny day and the charge controller was at 14.3 volts.

I just found the extra battery cables in the garage. I will have to strip the ends and buy or make the terminal ready ends. I still haven’t ordered the wire crimper. I’m so excited that here pretty soon I can crimp my own battery cables.

I started buying solar panels in 2009. I wanted a solar system to cut the energy bills down. I ended up buying grid tie inverters. I connected the solar panels to the inverters and then into the outlet. It was a maintenance free solar system. When the refrigerator wasn’t running the electric meter was going backwards with solar. I have two wind turbines working right now. One of the wind generators broke during a storm. The Blades and rotor were plastic. I think it broke at the rotor and I just might have another one. Then I will have three wind generators running green energy into the battery bank.

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