My DIY Low Budget Off-Grid Solar Setup

My DIY Low Budget Off-Grid Solar Setup

Just a short video on my DIY solar set up i have at the cabin that my father and I have been working on for several years and are in the process of expanding into a very useful addition to the cabin. This is a very low budget, build over time project that i will continue to expand over the next couple years. The goal is to have enough power to mostly eliminate the need for the generator as a source of power for lighting and TV.
System consists of…..
2 x 40W solar panels
4 x 15W solar panels
run in paralel… so 140W of panels @ 22.75 v output
20Amp charge controler
1000W invertor (on loan from my neighbor until i get my new one)
12V car battery (soon to be replaced with Deep Cycle Batteries)

5 x 5.5W LED lights : purchase here (10 pack)
TV and Antenna control
charging for phone, laptop, etc

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