Live: Tesla Batteries Off Grid Solar System

Live: Tesla Batteries Off Grid Solar System

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Hello and Welcome to my channel, I started my channel because I wanted to share my experience Living off the grid in Hawaii. If you subscribe to my channel and watch my videos you will see where I started 3 years and where I am going. I am building a brand new off grid home here in Hawaii and will be showing my step by step on how I do things and problems I come across. If you are thinking about living off the gird or if you just got started I invite you to join my channel, I do my best to share any tips and tricks I have come across. I was just like you when I was starting out I was looking for information doing research and watching Youtube videos to help better my off grid experience. I will be covering wind turbines solar panels battery banks charge controllers 12v systems and the new 48v systems. If you would like to support my channel feel free to Subscribe Like share Donate.

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