Installing a DIY Rooftop Solar System

Installing a DIY Rooftop Solar System

I recently installed a 10.88 kW (DC) rooftop solar system. The system consists roughly of the following components:

*(40) 270 Watt Canadian Solar panels
*IronRidge aluminum railing, splices, angle brackets, UFO bolts
*(~160) QuickMount PV aluminum mounting plates
*Roofmounted Junction Box
*Grounding lugs as required to bond racking
*Fronius Primo Inverter
*10 AWG THHN copper wiring as required
*6 AWG Bare Copper grounding conductor as required
*3/4″ EMT electrical metal tubing (in enclosed attic space)
*3/4″ LiquidTight Flexible tubing on outside of home

This was not designed to be a complete detailed installation, but just an overview of the process I followed. This system took about 5 full days of labor to install, but took place over a couple weeks. The mounts and rails were installed on one weekend, the panels were installed in one day. The system was wired over a couple afternoons. The inverter I selected has a built-in wifi capability that allows you to connect to your home network for easy monitoring of the system.

Installing a system in this manner will run approximately $2/watt and can be sized appropriately for your home. It is designed to help offset a portion of our overall electric consumption in our home. It is not large enough to produce all of our needs and it does not include any storage (i.e. battery backup).

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