How to make solar panels! - COMPLETE BUILD w/full "detailed" Instructions - Easy DIY

How to make solar panels! – COMPLETE BUILD w/full “detailed” Instructions – Easy DIY

How to make solar panels! A complete (from A to Z) tutorial on how to make a solar panel. all aspects of the build are covered. video breakdown: first minute: intro (w/pics and music). then, part one: “tabbing” solar cells. followed by part two (from 2:07 to 9:14) covering “cell layout and wiring”. followed by part 3 (from 9:14 to 18:00) covering “how to build the case”. and finally ending with “the wrap-up” (at 18:00). panel i designed is 6v/3.6A/21.6w (max) and can be used an a single “stand alone” panel or as part of a “3 panel set”. three of these homemade panels hooked in SERIES gives you a very similar voltage and power output to the 3 panel set that harbor freight sells and works great for charging 12 volt deep cycle batteries. a single one of these panels will power up (or charge up) tons of things. couple of notable things: works great to power up computer case fans (like the type in all of my solar thermal air heaters). note that even though many are 12 volt, they actually run well on any voltage from 6 to 12v. it’s also great for charging up most modern electronic devices. the panels’ six volt output and 3.6A (3600ma) should give a solid charge to most all of them. couple of notes: i bought the cells as a “kit” on ebay. it comes with 36 to 40 cells (which is enough for three of my panels), the tabbing/buswire, the blocking diode, rosin marker etc… all for about $25.00. then adding in the lumber ($13 to $20) and glass (at $5 a sheet), the cost to build is relatively low (esp. if you make 3 panels). works out to about 25/30 bucks a panel. *a single panel would be roughly 45 to 48 bucks ~ $25 (for kit) $13 (lumber) $5 (glass), plus misc. items. couple other things: for the metal “look” you could use aluminum tape around the edges and paint the wood maybe white (before adding the cells) and the diode is rated 6A. individual solar cell specs: each is: 3″x6″ .5v/3.6A/1.8w. lumber: 1/2″ plywood (cut to 22/ 1/4″ x 18 1/4″), Four one-inch square wooden dowels (2 cut to 22 1/4″ and 2 cut to 16 1/4″) and Four 3/8″ square wooden dowels. the glass is 16″ x 20″ standard window glass. notable hardware: Four 1.5″ screws (for the frame) and Fourteen one-inch screws (for the back). 100% clear silicone caulk. music is from youtube’s “copyright free” library. song title… Echinoderm Regeneration. UPDATE: (11/17/2016) i just posted a video on how to make a wooden solar panel stand (specifically for this panel). if interested here’s the link