Homemade Solar Panels DIY series intro

Homemade Solar Panels DIY series intro

In this video I’m showing some homemade panels I have built, I have always wanted to build these after reading some web sites years ago. I have built 4 solar panels like this so far I’m am trying different techniques and materials and learning a lot in the process I want to try and build a long lasting well sealed, low cost homemade panel, I am new to this and any constructive criticism is welcome. The panels I have built are very low cost in comparison to store bought ones also the glass I am using was free.

The cells in the panel I am using are 6 inch 0.5 volts 4 watt they are short tabbed I think they were taken apart from panels which did not pass inspection. The cells are not all perfect you may have to re tab some.

I recommend for your first panel build to purchase pre tabbed or the cells like I’m using if not you will need some hands on experience and practice with soldering the tabs on the cells top and bottom.

I’m editing some videos in detail step by step on how I built these panels, if you like this kind of stuff Please Subscribe Thanks

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