DIY Solar Pool Heater - Part 4

DIY Solar Pool Heater – Part 4

Building a 4×4 DIY Passive Solar Pool Heater for our 21-foot above ground pool. This is Part 4 of the video series and includes adding the electronic speed control for the flow of the water as well as hose hook-ups to the pool. Good results so far, but looking forward to experimenting with flow rates and materials. Thanks for watching!

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Part and tools featured in this video:
12 Volt Seaflo Pump (
5/8 ID Hose 25ft (
Cable Guard Box (
12 Volt Relay (
Drok Buck/Boost Converter (
15 Amp PWM Motor Speed Pump (
Adjustable Voltage Bench Power Supply (
Renogy 50-Watt Solar Panel (
T-300 Stainless Thermometer (

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