DIY: SOLAR ON A BUDGET [Adventure #35]

DIY: SOLAR ON A BUDGET [Adventure #35]

What do you do when you need to install solar panels, but you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on an arch? Do it yourself, of course!

With stainless tubing, rail fittings and lots of hard work, we build a solar arch and install our new 320-watt solar panels. We also try not to electrocute ourselves while doing the wiring, moving the radar up the mast and replacing our batteries.

With all the crazy work going on, we also are preparing to set sail to Mexico, and that includes lots of paperwork and bureaucracy. So Hillary takes a trip to the Mexican consulate to work on getting our TIP, or temporary Import Permit for Varuna.

For those of you who want to know know the nuts and bolts of our solar upgrade, here is exactly what we installed:

Panels: LG 320-watt
Charge Controllers:
Bluetooth Dongle:
Mast Mount:
Fittings used: Seadog brand

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This video was filmed with:

Panasonic G7 Mirrorless Camera
GoPro Hero 4
GoPro Session
Rode Video Mic Pro
Zoom H1 Mic


Sunny – Bensound

Crystalline City – Steve Lowther

Last Wilt of Winter
Andrew Rothschild

Footage from Oct/Nov 2016