DIY Solar - Episode 9 - Sun Grid Tie Inverter Update (GTIL2)

DIY Solar – Episode 9 – Sun Grid Tie Inverter Update (GTIL2)

In this episode, I cover an issue that I encountered that will effect many Sun Grid Tie Inverter with Limiter owners that are located in the United States. Since the main power lugs that come into the house are usually larger in the USA, I was not able to get the limiter clamp to close around the cable. I was able to order a larger clamp from and connect it to the original cable that came with the inverter. The replacement part number was SCT024TS and the spec were 400A:0.1A. After installing the replacement clamp, I was able to get a successful power reading on the Sun Grid Tie Inverter.

I also gave a preview of a couple additional projects I will be posting videos for later. One project will be the installation of a generator transfer switch. I also plan to do a video on a Hybrid Solar Hot Water Controller.

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