DIY Off Grid Solar- The Battery Box and Safety

DIY Off Grid Solar- The Battery Box and Safety

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Check below for the most current 2019 parts list

Safety is the most often overlooked aspect of any DIY project. It’s usually an afterthought at best, but something with this much power and potential for property destruction and injury, it should be at the forefront. Join us as we run through the things you need to be concerned with in your DIY Off Grid Solar System, the battery box and safety items. Have you just stumbled across this video? Maybe you should start from the beginning- Part 1:

Items discussed in this video:
Schematic (contains links to switches, boxes, and fuses:

Most Current 2019 Parts List:
Renogy 400 Watt Premium Solar Kit:
Renogy 1000 Watt Sine Wave Inverter:
Renogy 2000 Watt Sine Wave Inverter (System Update):
Voltage Readout:
Inline Fuse Holder:
200 AMP Inline Fuse:
Outdoor Load Center:
Breaker (only used as a switch, not for safety):
Direct Burial Cable:
Disconnect Box:
Battery Disconnect Switch:
(4) Batteries:
Most installations will require additional components, like a method to mount the panels (basic mount included in Renogy kit), local wiring, battery box, terminal strips, etc. These can be purchased at a local home improvement store.

Voltage chart download: