DIY Off Grid Rainwater System using an IBC Tote - Part 3 (Water Pump)

DIY Off Grid Rainwater System using an IBC Tote – Part 3 (Water Pump)

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Part 3: Setting up a 12 volt water pump to use on the IBC tote for rainwater. Very impressed with this pump! Can’t wait to install in a permanent setup and make an 18650 battery pack. Will also install solar as a power source for the setup! Thanks for watching!

My DIY 18650 Solar Generator:


Key Components for Harvesting Rainwater:

SHURFLO 4008-101-A65 New 3.0 GPM RV Water Pump Revolution, 12V (

Rain Harvesting Pty Ltd WDAC02 First Flush Water Diverter Stainless Steel Filter: (

Rain Harvesting Pty Ltd RHAD99 Leaf Eater Advanced Rain Head- 3 in. Round: (

Downspout First Flush Diverter Kit, 3″: (

AMERIMAX HOME PRODUCTS 37084 2×3 Flex Elbow, White:(

Aquabarrel “Y Downspout Diverter, 2×3: (

T / Y Corrugated Coupler: (

Flex-Drain 51110 Flexible/Expandable Landscaping Drain Pipe, Solid, 4-Inch: (

3/4″ – 304 Stainless Steel – 1/4 Turn Ball Hose Bib: (

Other Accessories:

Wagner Power Painter Plus: (

Mavic 2 Pro with Fly More Combo for Aerial Shots: (

We Could Reach by Freedom Trail Studio

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Assembly of the DIY Rainwater catchment system. Lots of busy work and I am pleased with the the final look. Just need rain now! Will eventually incorporate 18650 batteries and solar to pump water from the tote. Thanks for watching!