Building + Installing a DIY Custom RV Solar Panel Mount

Building + Installing a DIY Custom RV Solar Panel Mount

RV Solar is a must have for us! Having off grid solar will allow us to go boondocking while we live full time in our completely renovated RV. Today we’ll be showing you part of our RV solar install and how two complete off grid solar newbies created and installed an aluminum framework for a custom solar panel mount.

We bought 4 – 150W 12V monocrystalline solar panels for our off grid solar system and needed an easy, non-intrusive way to mount the solar panels on the roof of the RV so we decided to connect them all together with aluminum L channel and attach them to our aluminum roof using 3M VHB tape. We know it sounds crazy but IT WORKS IF YOU PREP IT RIGHT!

We purchased the aluminum L channel from a local steel supply shop making sure to have all the necessary measurement before we went. They cut the pieces for us and we then used a drill press and stainless steel nuts, bolts, washers, and lock washers to firmly attach everything together.

We are so happy with our decision to mount our solar panels this way and we hope this video helps you thing of new and better ways to install your off grid solar system.

Special shoutout to Mama + Papa Justus and Heath. Thank you all so much for your help!


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