Basic Solar Parts Needed for a DIY Camper Van or RV Solar Install

Basic Solar Parts Needed for a DIY Camper Van or RV Solar Install

This video is about the basic solar parts needed for a DIY Camper Van or RV Solar Install. By the end of the video, you will be able to identify and understand the very basic principles of the solar parts and components for a DIY Camper Van Solar Setup.

If you are looking for more detailed information, here are the resources mentioned in the video:

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Free Solar Academy: Learn How-To Design and Install a Camper Solar Setup:

Step 1: Learn the Basic Parts of a DIY Camper Solar Setup:

Step 2: Learn How Many Batteries You’ll Need to Power Your Camper (Power Audit Calculator)

Step 3: Choose the Type of Batteries You’ll Use to Power Your Camper

Step 4: Learn how many solar panels you’ll need to charge your Batteries:

Step 5: Learn how to choose the correct charge controller for your solar panels (with calculator)

Step 6: How to size and choose the inverter for your camper

Step 7: How to add Shore Power to your Camper Electrical System

Step 8: Learn How to Charge your House batteries with your Engine Alternator:

Step 9: Learn How to Choose the correct Battery Isolator for your System:

Step 10: Learn how to Install and why you need a Battery Monitor:

Step 11: Learn how to choose wire sizes and types:

Step 12: How to Size Fuses in your System:

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Step 13: How to wire 12v Accessories in to your system:

Step 14: Learn how to wire Lights & Switches (Including 2 way switches):

See how it all works together in our Interactive Solar Wiring Diagrams: