Xantrex XPower Inverter 1500, 1500W

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The XPower Inverter 1500 is a compact and lightweight inverter that easily connects to a 12 VDC battery and provides up to 1500 watts of continuous AC power and 3000 watts of surge power for demanding applications. The XPower Inverter 1500 is ideal for long haul truckers who need to power home appliances, consumer electronics and office equipment on-board their truck. It is also suitable for small contractors to operate handheld power tools from their van or pick-up truck, and for use in an RV or minivan. Product Features: 120 VAC/60 Hz, Portable power for AC products rated up to 1500 watts Two AC receptacles for connecting multiple loads High surge capacity for products that require more power to start High efficiency – converts virtually all the battery's available power to AC Mounting brackets for convenient installation Heavy duty stud connectors Protection Features: Overload and over temperature shutdown Over voltage protection (15.0 VDC) Low voltage alarm (11.0 VDC) Low voltage cut-out (10.5 VDC) Product Applications: Household Appliances: compact microwave ovens, bread makers, food processors, small bar refrigerators, small vacuum cleaners, fluorescent and incandescent lights, sewing machines and fans Handheld Power Tools: drills, jigsaws, sanders, buffers and circular saws Entertainment Electronics: televisions, VCRs, video games, stereos, musical instruments and satellite equipment Office Equipment: computers with 20" monitors, printers, facsimile machines Specifications:


Price: $169.95

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25 Year Performance Warranty