UniRac Fixed Tilt Leg, Clear, Qty. 1

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Model and Size: UniRac Fixed Tilt Leg, 7 inches, Clear, Qty. 1, 307007M UniRac Fixed Tilt Leg, 15 inches, Clear, Qty. 1, 307015M UniRac Fixed Tilt Leg, 20 inches, Clear, Qty. 1, 307020M UniRac Fixed Tilt Leg, 34 inches, Clear, Qty. 1, 307034M Minimize the vertical height of your arrayto hide an array behind a parapet, for example. You can also optimize tilt angle on a pitched roof to maximize system performance. Tilt angle depends on leg length and the make and model of your PV modules. Use standard rail with all tilt legs. In low profile arrays, tilt angles depend on leg length and module length. If ordering kits for use with SolarMount rail kits, no other items are required. Each leg contains a square tube, a strut insert, and fasteners. Note that usable lengths are 2" less than stated because holes are drilled 1" from ends. Low profile solutions require the addition of two (2) L-foot for each leg. Rail length per row    Tilt legs required per row 48" to 106"                               2 120" to 180"                             3 192" to 216"                             4 226" to 288"                             5 300" to 336"                             6 348" to 408"                             7 420" to 432"                             8


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