Tigo Energy MMU, Maximizer Management Unit & MU-GTWY Gateway

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MMU-ES Energy Maximizer Management Unit for series configurations.  Including 1 Gateway and 3 Months of Complimentary Monitoring Get up to 20% more energy from your solar panels by integrating the Tigo Energy® Maximizer™ system.   Designed for residential, commercial and utility scale photovoltaic solar arrays, the Tigo Energy® Maximizer™ system optimizes the power output of each solar panel, delivering module-level data for operational management and performance monitoring. The Tigo Energy Maximizer Management Unit (MMU) communicates between the Module Maximizers and the Inverter, controls processes in real time and sends data to a remote server in order to allow multiple users to observe and interact with the monitoring system.   Key Benefits: • Optimize the energy harvest of your PV system • Accelerate system payback • Maximize the power output of individual modules • Reconsider previously rejected projects because of unfavorable shade or orientation • Maintain best-in-class conversion efficiency • Manage your PV system with module-level analytics to minimize operational costs and keep the system at peak performance throughout its lifetime • Introduce an unprecedented level of safety for new and existing PV solar installations (patented) • Simplify the balance-of-system design, especially for high Voc or thin-film modules   Top 3 Reasons to use the Tigo Energy® Maximizer™ system Opimization: The Tigo Energy output optimization starts with dynamic module balancing – a Module Maximizer (patented) attached to each module manages the energy harvest and sends information to the Maximizer Management Unit for reporting and control. Tigo Energy Module Maximizers are key components of the system which reside at each module (one per solar module), connecting in a series topology.  The complete Tigo Energy System includes: Tigo Energy® Module Maximizer™ (one per solar panel) Tigo Energy ® Gateway (GTWY) Tigo Energy ® Maximizer ™ Management Unit (MMU) Safety:  The MMU includes the Tigo Energy ® PV-SAFE™ button – a unique onsite safety feature located on the front of the Maximizer Management Unit. With one push of the red button, an onsite operator or emergency personnel can deactivate the entire array for maintenance or emergency purposes (patented). PV-Safe enables each module to be electrically removed from the high voltage DC cabling limiting the voltage exposure to the open-circuit voltage (Voc) of a single module. As part of the Tigo Energy system, this function can be activated with the safety button or via a remote management console. The system can be installed, maintained or approached by fire personnel without the exposure to voltage levels typically in excess of 400 volts. Data Monitoring: Secure remote access to the MMU via the Tigo Energy MaxiManager software applications is available through any internet-enabled computer, with views available for system owners, installers, power plant operators and em ergency services personnel. Simple, easy-to-understand graphics allow for quick analysis of the real-time output and historical performance of each system, and the ability to view and remedy system faults, error codes or alerts. Each Tigo Energy Maximizer system (patented) includes one MMU per project, with the option of a second unit for system redundancy. The MMU has a manual user interface and LCD display housed in a NEMA3 enclosure for onsite programming. The MMU mounts near the inverter and communicates with each PV module in the system, provides management and control functions for the module Maximizers, and serves as a gateway to the Data C enter. The Maximizer Management Unit is pre-configured with CAT-5 Ethernet access. The MMU can be used as a qualifying inverter and overall system performance monitoring interface for legacy installations. Technical Specifications Country of Origin USA Depth 3.1 Length 9.6 Product Line Tigo Energy Maximizer Management Unit (MMU) Width 5.9 Product Weight 2.200 lbs   Tigo Energy MMU, Maximizer Management Unit Data Sheet: //


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25 Year Performance Warranty