Solmetric PVA-600 PV Analyzer

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The Solmetric PV Analyzer is a complete electrical test solution for verifying photovoltaic array performance. For each string, the analyzer measures current and power as a function of voltage. Measured results are compared to the performance predicted by advanced built-in models. Features: * I-V and P-V graphs * Wireless convenience * Advanced predictive PV models built-in * "Array-as-sensor" mode derives irradiance and cell temperature * Wireless sensor kit for irradiance and temperature (optional) * Inverter voltage range highlighted on I-V graphs * Maximum input: 600V, 20A * Confidence in DC performance at startup * Smarter troubleshooting * Faster installation and repairs * Detailed history of array performance Electrical Specifications: * PV voltage measurement range: 0-600 V DC * PV current measurement range: 0-20A DC * Minimum Voc: 20 V DC * Minimum Isc: 1 A DC * Measurement time: 0.05-1 sec The PVA-600 comes standard with: * I-V Measurement Unit with soft carrying case * PVA Software for Windows™ * Wireless USB Interface (for Windows laptop or UMPC) * Connector saver jumper set (two 12-inch m-f MC-4 jumpers) * MC-4 to MC-3 adaptor cable set * Battery charger (AC adapter) Computer Requirements: * Windows 7 (all editions), Windows Vista (32 bit only), Windows XP SP3 * 700 MHz * 500 MB RAM * 100 MB hard drive space * Minimum resolution: 1024 by 600 * 2 USB ports PC Shown in picture NOT included: Solmetric PVA-600 Specifications:


Price: $2995.00

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25 Year Performance Warranty