Solectria PVI 1800, 1800 Watt Grid-Tie Inverter

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Solectria PVI 1800, 1800 Watt Grid-Tie Inverter Solectria Renewables designs and manufactures power electronics for renewable power generation systems. Feature-packed and highly integrated, the products lead the industry in installation ease and total value. At the heart of Solectria's products are its reliable and efficient core inverters, which have been proven over the past 20 years in the extremely harsh environment of truck, bus and military transportation applications. Solectria Renewables is run by the renowned MIT engineers who founded the Solectria brand in 1989. With a customer-focused team, high quality suppliers and a best practices manufacturing process, Solectria is committed to your success. RELIABILITY The PVI1800 provides industry leading reliability. One look at the automated production and PCB assembly inside the inverter shows its industrial quality. Rigorously designed and tested for the harshest conditions, the PVI 1800 proves to be consistently reliable. EASY TO INSTALL The PVI 1800 can be installed easily and quickly, both indoors and outdoors. With a weight of 35lbs[16kg] (compared to an average 70lb[32kg] for a typical inverter) the PVI 1800 is very easy to handle. The inverters also include 'pre-wired' AC and DC cables for quick wiring at the jobsite without opening the inverter! EASY TO OPERATE: PLUG AND PLAY MONITORING With the PVI 1800, Solectria Renewables once again confirms its innovative reputation. With LCD display and auto detect RS232/485 as standard equipment, there is true 'plug and play' capability. This gives the PVI 1800 a PC interface with excellent monitoring and data acquisition capability. Free PC software. Optional SolrenView or Fat Spaniel web-based monitoring. Also compatible with Draker & other data monitoring packages. SAFETY The PVI 1800 has been tested to the latest UL 1741 and IEEE std 1547 standards and meets all the requirements. An important selling point of this inverter is the galvanic isolation, which increases both reliability and safety. HIGH THERMAL PERFORMANCE All aluminum construction and high efficiency design provides full rated power in ambient temperatures up to 130°F (55°C). No derating will occur! Specifications:


Price: $2069.00

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25 Year Performance Warranty