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The SolarBOS String Checker enables installers to measure the Open Circuit Voltage and Short Circuit Current of each series string of modules in a combiner box, without having to run the inverter or pull test leads off a live circuit. To use the String Checker, simply connect the test leads to the outputs in a SolarBOS combiner box and close one fuse holder. Turn the switch to the "Voltage" position and the built in multi-meter measures the open circuit voltage for that particular string. Turn the switch to the "Current" position and the multi-meter measures the short circuit current for that particular string. Close each fuse holder separately to check all the strings in the combiner box to ensure full voltage and current. This can be done at any time during the construction phase of the project – no need to run the inverter to measure string currents. Specifications: Rated for 600 VDC and 20 ADC Built-in Multi-Meter with Bright LED Display Compact and Portable Design Rugged, Heavy Duty, and Visible Case Test Leads, Battery, and Battery Charger Included with each String Checker Custom leads available upon request SolarBOS String Checker Operation Manual:


Price: $1163.50

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25 Year Performance Warranty