SolarBOS AC-09-200-N4 9-200A Fuses NEMA-4 Array Combiner

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This product combines the output conductors of multiple source circuit combiners into one or more larger output circuits for connection to the inverter. Array Combiners can be built using various fuse sizes up to 12 x 200 amp fuses or 6 x 400 amp fuses. AC-09-200-N4, 9-200A Fuses, NEMA-4. Features: * Listed to UL-1741 * NEMA-3, 3R & 4 Rated Enclosure Options * Powder Coated and Stainless Steel Enclosures * Rated for 600 VDC and Continuous Duty * Cover Doors with Poured-In-Place Seamless Gaskets * Configurable for both positive and negative grounded arrays * Clean Design for Ample Wiring Room * Optional Current Monitoring w/ Modbus I/O Modules 600 VDC Array Combiner Specifications: Fuses are all type TRS or equivalent Fuse sizes are: 9 x 80 amp 9 x Positive input terminals (fuse holders) sized for #6-350mcm conductors 9 x Negative input terminals sized for #6-4/0 conductors Output terminals are 2 sets of #4-500 mcm conductors (4 positive and 4 negative) Enclosure is 48x36x8" NEMA-4 powder coated steel enclosure Ground terminals for 3 x #1/0 and 8 x #14-2 grounds Call (866)798-4435 for customized service Sub-Array Combiner Information:


Price: $4030.63

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25 Year Performance Warranty