SolarBOS 16 Circuit, 75 Amp Disconnect Combiner

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SolarBOS 16 Circuit, 75 Amp Disconnect Combiner. Dimensions (inches): 16x12x6 SolarBOS now offers disconnect combiners that merge the combiner box and the disconnect switch into one product with integrated load-break 600 VDC disconnects. This helps further reduce costs where a rooftop disconnect is required. Available with 75 amp disconnects. Combiners are ETL listed to UL 1741 for 600 volt DC photovoltaic systems. Contains one output circuit; NEMA 4 steel enclosures. Fuses not included. Features: * Rated for 600 VDC and Continuous Duty * Touch-Safe Fuse Holders * Cover Doors with Poured-In-Place * Seamless Gaskets * High Quality Negative Input * Terminal Blocks * Configured for both positive and negative grounded arrays * Clean Design for Ample Wiring Room SolarBOS Disconnect Combiner Data Sheet: SolarBOS Disconnect Combiner Installation Manual:


Price: $1127.10

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25 Year Performance Warranty