Solar Pathfinder with Case and Tripod

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The Solar Pathfinder™ has been the standard in the solar industry for solar site shade analysis for decades. Its panoramic reflection of the site instantly provides a full year of accurate solar/shade data. The Solar Pathfinder™ gives an entire year's solar potential for a given site in just seconds. This non-electronic instrument is an easy-to-use tool that accurately measures the shading of any site, allowing the user to see what could shade the system throughout the year. Because the Solar Pathfinder™ works on a reflective principle rather than actually showing shadows, it can be used anytime of the day, anytime of the year, in either cloudy or clear weather. The actual position of the sun at the time of the solar site analysis is irrelevant. In fact, the unit is easier to use in the absence of direct sunlight. It could even be used on a moonlit night. A key component of the Solar Pathfinder™ is a transparent, hard plastic dome set on top of a solid base (the instrument "platform"). The user looks down onto the dome to see a panoramic view of the site reflected on the dome's surface. All of the obstacles to sunshine at that location can be clearly seen in this reflection. A paper sun-path diagram, which shows the sun's route through the sky for every month of the year and every hour of the day, is placed underneath the dome. Slots in the side of the dome allow the user to trace the outline of the reflected obstacles onto the diagram, revealing exactly what obstacles will shade the selected site and when. Users may also take a digital photo and use it instead of drawing on the diagram. They can also upload the photo into the Assistant software for shading data. The complete kit contains the plastic dome, instrument platform, tripod legs (optional), base section, sun-path charts for customer specified latitudes, and comprehensive user instructions. All of this is housed in a very lightweight and durable plastic carrying case. The Solar Pathfinder™ setup is quick and easy, and usually takes just a few minutes. The Solar Pathfinder™ has gained world-wide acceptance and continues to reach out to countries entering the renewable energy market. The Solar Pathfinder is a must have piece of gear for every installer's tool kit! – Joe Schwartz CEO & Tech Editor of Homepower Magazine This Unit Includes: Online Manual Sunpath Diagrams (latitude & application specific) Angle estimator (for determining altitude & azimuth) White marking pen with extra leads Tool box specifically designed for the Pathfinder™ Tripod specifically designed for the Pathfinder™ Online Manual: Solar Pathfinder Demonstration:


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