Solar-Log200 BT Solar Plant Data Logger w/ BlueTooth

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The Solar-Log 200 BT, Solar Plant Data Logger is designed without a built-in display. It is connected to the inverter using a RS485 interface; The data from the plant monitoring system is supplied to the local network or to the internet via an ethernet interface. The web-based software makes configuration especially simple. The Solar-Log200 is compatible with all popular inverter manufacturers. Alarm function and performance comparison No more losses due to unnoticed failure of individual strings or the entire plant: The Solar-Log200 sends out alarms automatically via email or SMS. Daily yield notifications are also possible. Furthermore, all status and error messages can be conveniently called up from any web-enabled PC. As for all Solar-Log™ devices, the Solar-Log200 also contains web-based evaluation software. Performance data for individual strings can be compared as can output from other plants (optional). Bluetooth The Solar-Log200 BT is available with a Bluetooth module for wireless connection to the new inverter generation from the manufacturer SMA. This allows a cordless connection between the inverter and the Solar-Log™ – rapid and simple installation, with mounting as desired. Secure and upgradable The Solar-Log200 possesses integrated memory for data logging. Furthermore all of the data can be saved manually on the local PC or automatically on a homepage. Subsequently incorporating it into an existing plant is no problem either: Data can be manually added or imported. For the Solar-Log200 we offer a comprehensive range of accessories and enhancements. Applications for handheld PCs and iPhones offer additional possibilities for monitoring and presentation in mobile use. Yield forecasting and degradation calculation With the Solar-Log200 you not only see the yield that your photovoltaic plant has already attained. The Solar-Log™ also conducts yield forecasts using the experienced data stored in the software. Deviations in the yield, for example due to blocked sunlight or damage can thus be quickly recognized and remedied. It is not only damage which leads to a decreased output for the plant, aging modules do too. Solar-Log™ incorporates the so-called module degradation into the yield evaluation and takes into it account when analyzing errors. Solar-Log200 Data Sheet:


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25 Year Performance Warranty