SMA Sunny Sensor Anemometer Wind Speed Sensor

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SMA Sunny Sensor, Anemometer Wind Speed Sensor, WIND SENSOR The anemometer is a sensor intended to measure horizontal wind force outdoors. The provided performance data can be processed by the Sunny SensorBox. Use the anemometer exclusively for purposes indicated in the installation guide and the indicated application range. Use only SMA Solar Technology AG original accessories or accessories recommended by SMA Solar Technology. Read the accompanying documentation for the anemometer and the communication product carefully before connecting the anemometer. Selecting the Mounting Location The mounting location must not be sheltered from the wind or in the lee of objects such as chimneys or satellite systems. • The anemometer must be mounted in an upright position; otherwise, water can enter the anemometer and destroy it. • If possible, install the anemometer in the center of flat roofs. Installing the anemometer at the edge of the roof may cause air turbulence that may distort the measuring results. • Observe the pre-configured cable length of 3 m. The cable may be cut or extended to a maximum of 30 m.


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25 Year Performance Warranty