SMA ModBus Gateway

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SMA smart web server for modbus interface, MODBUS-GATEWAY The Modbus Gateway solution offered by SMA is for PV plants with Energy Management Systems (EMS) where the plant operators require inverter operating data via Modbus protocol. SMA utilizes the i.LON SmartServer to provide this functionality. The SmartServer polls the Sunny Central inverter channels via SMA Data 1 protocol and makes this data available to EMS Modbus enabled devices. The SmartServer is capable of polling all of the inverter channels and providing a subset of these values which are of greatest interest to the PV plant operator. For example, E_Total E_Today VacL1 VacL2 VacL3 Pac Vpv Ipv Cabinet Temp Transformer Temp


Price: $2256.50

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25 Year Performance Warranty