Rogue Engineering Modbus/SDI-12 Translator

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Rogue Engineering Modbus/SDI-12 Translator The Rogue SDI-12/Modbus Translator allows you to access information from multiple sensors on an SDI-12 bus via a standard RS-232 or RS-485 Modbus serial connection.  Software configuration allows simple configuration and validation of sensors.  Features:  *  Supports SDI-12 version 1.3 standard commands *  Polls at user defined intervals, stores sensor data *  Manage multiple configurations with software provided *  Unit can provide SDI-12 bus power *  Software provides SDI-12 utilities for easy setup *  Auxilliary 3.3V power output Specifications: *  Input Voltage:  4-30VDC *  Power Consumption:  200mW typical (16mA at 12V input) *  SDI-12 Power Output:  13.7V typical, 500mA max. *  3.3V Power Output:  100mA max. *  Ambient Temperature:  -40 to 60 deg. C *  Pluggable Connectors:  12AWG max.


Price: $150.00

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25 Year Performance Warranty