PV-Cables 8' Multi-Contact MC3 PV Output Cable, 33.0008

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The original: The 8' MC3 Output Cable, 33.0008 connector system for photovoltaics by Multi-Contact set an international standard. Designed for time-saving, dependable series cabling of solar panels, free-standing or integrated into buildings. The connectors may be assembled in a variety of configurations, either at the factory or quickly on-site by the contractor. The Benefit: Traditionally high installation costs for solar modules are cut sharply. All cables are manufactured with #10 AWG PV Wire, which is UL 4703 rated and double jacketed/insulated. PV Wire is now needed for ungrounded arrays in conjunction with transformerless inverters. This type of wire is required to meet the 2008 NEC if you are using a transformerless inverter.


Price: $11.29

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25 Year Performance Warranty