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Model and Size: ProSolar TileTrac, 1.5" Tall Stud w 3/8" Nut, 2 Washers & 1-5/16" x 3 1/2" SS Lag – 1 ct., TT-1-1.5 ProSolar TileTrac, 4" E-Series, 2" Tall Stud w 3/8" Nut, 2 Washers & 1 SS Lag – 1 ct., TT-1E-2 ProSolar TileTrac, 4" Tall Stud w 2- 3/8" Nuts, 4 Washers & 1-5/16" x 3 1/2" SS Lag – 1 ct., TT-1-T4 ProSolar TileTrac, 6" Tall Stud w 2- 3/8" Nuts, 4 Washers & 1-5/16" x 3 1/2" SS Lag – 1 ct., TT-1-T6 TileTrac. The patented TileTrac roof structural attachment device allows for a structural connection to a roof rafter while maintaining full stud location adjustability. This design is the most efficient in maintaining a tight water seal and allows the installer the flexibility to move the stud to the best mounting location. Benefits * 9 years of industry preferred design * Single stainless steel lag bolt patented design (lag bolt included) * 1,740 lbs. of lab tested strength * 10 square inches of base evenly distributes roof load and provides large surface area for sealant bonding * Allows for structural attachment to the rafter while positioning the stud at the optimum location — the high point of the tile * Saves installation time and labor costs — only requires the removal of one tile to install * Aesthetically pleasing low roof profile design   Characteristics: Materials: Aluminum(black electrostatic paint finish) & Stainless steel hardware Test Data: Vertical Destruction Rating 1,800 lbs. per unit at 4" offset Tested by a 3rd party approved laboratory Product Integration: RoofTrac® Integration ***NOT FOR USE WITH SLATE OR CLAY TILE ROOFS TileTrac Installation Guide:


Price: $8.34

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25 Year Performance Warranty