ProSolar Deep Channel Support Rail, 124", 1ea., R-124D

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The RoofTrac mounting system by Professional Solar has been load tested and engineered to 125 mph wind load ( 50 lbs per square foot of pressure load) for most module types. RoofTrac secures the solar panels and prevents damage caused from high winds and seismic forces. All load tests are supervised and signed off by a California licensed structural engineer. All attachment options manufactured at Professional Solar Products can be used with the RoofTrac system. Benefits * Aesthetically pleasing – low profile appearance * Anodized Aluminum – lasts the life of the system * Module specific engineering – ensures mounting system is specifically designed for the module type; makes the permitting process extremely fast and inexpensive * Efficient use of material allows for a lighter, but stronger, mounting solution; reduces installation labor and shipping costs Orientation * Clamps engaged on long side of the module Spans * 6'on center for deep rails Materials * Anodized Aluminum & Stainless Steel Hardware Engineering * 30-55 lbs/ft²(module and setup specific) * 100-130 mph approx. wind loading range Professional Solar RoofTrac Specifications: *Rails must be purchased in groups of 20 or more. If you want to purchase less than 20 rails, please call (866) 798-4435 to contact the sales department or email for a quote.*


Price: $27.32

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25 Year Performance Warranty