OutBack Power PSX-240-RELAY, 4kW Autotransformer

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Outback, Autotransform with enclosure, cooling fan, relay assembly 4000W 120/240VAC 60Hz, PSX-240-RELAY The OutBack PSX-240-RELAY autotransformer can be used for step-up, step-down, generator and split phase output balancing or as a series stacked inverter to load balancing auto-former. ETL Listed. Equipped with an internal relay with external controls, the transformer can be disconnected from the system by a simple 12-volt signal.  In customized systems, which may alternate between both split-phase and three-phase sources, this protective switch allows your PSX-240-Relay to be easily and safely removed from conflicting voltages.  Use for 120 or 240 Vac, 60 Hz systems only. //


Price: $513.44

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25 Year Performance Warranty