OutBack Power FLEXware FWPV-8 Combiner Box

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The OutBack Power Technologies FLEXware PV combiner series sets the new standard for PV balance-of-system hardware. Ideal for both small or large systems, the FLEXware PV8 accommodates the overcurrent protection requirements of your application. From 150VDC breakers for low voltage PV systems, to 600VDC fuse holders for high voltage PV systems, the FLEXware PV Combiner series handles it all. Designed to survive in outdoor environments, the rainproof, UL type 3R powder coated aluminum chassis can be mounted on a wall, sloped roof or pole. The unique angled negative terminal bus bar design makes wiring fast and easy without the larger output conductors blocking access to the smaller input terminals. Dual output lug terminals are included for up to 2/0 AWG conductors. The tinted flame-retardant polycarbonate deadfront panel creates a clean appearance while preventing accidental contact with the live terminals and is easily removable during installation. The FLEXware FWPV-8 Combiner makes it easy to take your installation to the next level.FWPV-8 Holds up to eight OutBack Power Technologies DIN mounted breakers for PV array configurations of 12 to 72 VDC systems with a maximum open circuit voltage of 150 VDC or use six OutBack Power Technologies OBFH "touch safe" type fuse holders for high voltage systems with a maximum open circuit voltage of 600 VDC. Includes: Enclosure, dual combining bus bars, one terminal bus bar, two #1/0 AWG set-screw compression type box lug terminals and one #1/0 AWG ground lug.   //


Price: $120.00

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25 Year Performance Warranty