Outback FW-MP, FLEXWare Mounting Plate

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Outback, FlexWare Mounting Plate for 2 Inverters, FW-MP The FLEXware Mounting Plate is designed for indoor mounting only with appropriate fasteners and a secure mounting surface that can handle the full weight of an assembled system. Mounting Plate for FW500 or FW1000 systems. Includes enclosure and inverter mounting screws. FW500 requires one mounting plate, while FW1000 requires two mounting plates. Outback FW-1000 User's Guide: var docstoc_docid="120518636";var docstoc_title="fw-1000userguide-43532";var docstoc_urltitle="fw-1000userguide-43532";


Price: $153.43

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25 Year Performance Warranty