Outback FW-ACA AC Adapter for FX Inverters

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Outback, AC Conduit Adapter, with 2 inch Fitting, ACA The FLEXware AC Adapter or FW-ACA is a plastic case that fi ts on the AC end of an FX Series Inverter/Charger to extend the size of the AC wiring compartment in OutBack FLEXware systems. The FW-ACA aligns with knockouts on both the FW500-AC and FW1000-AC enclosures as well as PS2 and PS4 AC enclosures. Its knockouts are not designed for conduit, but can accommodate fl exible cables with appropriate strain relief. FLEXWare AC Adapter User's Guide: var docstoc_docid="120519004";var docstoc_title="flexware_aca";var docstoc_urltitle="flexware_aca";


Price: $38.57

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25 Year Performance Warranty