Outback FLEXnet FN-DC 3 Channel DC System Monitor

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Outback, FlexNet DC System Monitor, FN-DC The FLEXNet DC collects, monitors and records time-based battery amp, watt and volt data for display on the OutBack MATE series of products, allowing for more accurate set point adjustments and precise battery recharging. Five LEDs on the FLEXnet DC act as a state-of-charge indicator bar for a quick status display. The FLEXnet DC also off ers an auxiliary (AUX) relay that acts like a switch to turn on or off a user-installed light, alarm, or similar low voltage DC device. It can also be set up as a two-wire auto generator starter. The FLEXNet DC works in conjunction with up to three input current shunts (either a FW-SHUNT250 or FW-SHUNT500, each rated 500A/50mV) also available from OutBack. Only a single FLEXNet DC is needed for any system using OutBack components. Outback FLEXnet FN-DC Data Sheet: var docstoc_docid="120487475";var docstoc_title="flexnetdcspecsheet-44008";var docstoc_urltitle="flexnetdcspecsheet-44008";


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25 Year Performance Warranty