Module Interconnects #10USE, 240 inch, 4mm w/fitting Male 795018

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MC cables are factory assembled with automatic tooling for the highest degree of reliability. Use as module interconnects or PV output extension leads. UL listed MC cables are available with a male or female MC3 (3mm) or MC4 (4mm) fitting on one end, 1/2 inch non-metallic cord connector on the other end. All cables are black #10 AWG type USE-2 / RHW-2 600V sunlight resistant outdoor stranded copped wire. Type M/F have a male fitting on one end and female on the other – no cord connector. Install to extend PV sub array, wire can be cut anywhere along length to suit distance to disconnect or combiner. SolarLok MN designation indicates male neutral, non-keyed. Branch plugs and sockets are used in conjunction with MC cables assemblies for safe and reliable parallel connection of PV modules.


Price: $36.74

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25 Year Performance Warranty