MidNite Solar MNPV6-250 DISCO, Disconnect Combiner

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Midnite Solar MNPV6-250 DISCO Disconnecting PV combiner Enclosure only with the busbar shown. The MNPV6-250 DISCO combiner is one in a series of disconnecting PV combiners from MidNite Solar. This model includes the buss-bar to use up to 3 of our 300 volt DC breakers as a 3 string DC combiner. You can also purchase a second buss-bar (MNPV12-250) and use this with 3 of our 240 volt AC breakers to combine up to 3 strings of 240 volt micro inverters. Off-grid PV combiner for use with up to 3 300VDC breakers with the included buss-bar. Product Information Dimensions: 9 × 13.5 × 7.25 inches Weight: 5.5 pounds Category: Sub combiners Manufacturer: MidNite Solar Model ID/Number: MNPV6-250 Disco MidNite Solar MNPV6-250 Data Sheets: var docstoc_docid="146015146";var docstoc_title="midnite1";var docstoc_urltitle="midnite1"; var docstoc_docid="146015322";var docstoc_title="midnite2";var docstoc_urltitle="midnite2";


Price: $183.75

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25 Year Performance Warranty