IronRidge XRS 51-7000-216A, Clear 18' Standard Rail

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IronRidge, XRS Rail, 16', Anodized Aluminum, Black, Qty. 1, 51-7000-192B The IronRidge Standard Rail is a premium, best selling, best performing rail. Spanning over 12' between mounts under most load conditions, this rail has slots for both top and bottom mounting. The Standard Rail's Strength Curve™ profile enables longer spans between mounts than any other rail in the industry. The XRS rail is manufactured using extruded 6105-T5 aluminum. The XRS Solar Rail System is a flexible and straightforward roof mounting solution for a wide variety of solar photovoltaic (PV) needs. Due to its modular design, it can easily handle a wide variety of panel sizes and quantities. Ironridge XRS Solar Rail System Installation Manual: // *Rails must be purchased in groups of 20 or more. If you want to purchase less than 20 rails, please call (866) 798-4435 to contact the sales department or email for a quote.*


Price: $88.67

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25 Year Performance Warranty