Go Green Solar 27 Led – Solar Spotlight System

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Go Green Solar Technologies Inc. LED Outdoor Spotlight System Solar-Powered 12Vdc 27LED 12W, 27LED 18W, 27LED 24W This ready to install, stand-alone solar powered LED spot light works every night from dusk to dawn, with a week reserve. Select from three system sizes depending on geographic location. Features include vandal resistant enclosure system, solar module with roof/pole/wall mount bracket, sealed battery, solid state system controller, dusk to dawn sensor, 27 LED premium outdoor 'bullet' fixture and ready-post. System designed for 10-20ft. flagpole, landscape path, tall trees, security, small signs and entry/exit spotlight. 1 year system warranty. 6 watt system: 5+ hours sun (ex.Phoenix, AZ) 12AH battery 5 days reserve 12 Watt system: 3+ hours sun (ex.Philadelphia, PA) 26AH battery 8 days reserve 18 Watt system: 1.5+ hours sun (ex.Olympia, WA)36AH battery 11 days reserve


Price: $890.00

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25 Year Performance Warranty