GeoLights 168w LED Street Light

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SPECIFICATION: 168W (For LED consumption only, the system with power supply is about 225W) 85-264VAC, 12 or 24VAC/DC 12,800lm (can replace the 400w HPS Lamp) CE, RoHS Pending, UL Pending Integrated LED streetlight with Heater and Lamp Fixture all-in-one, IP65. DESCRIPTION: Low Power Consumption – 168W. High Brightness – Up to 12,600 Lumens Long Life – Up to 50,000 Hours. Robust Design – Shock and vibration resistant. Low Heat – The aluminum housing allows for proper heat dissipation to help increase the life of the unit. Easy Installation – Adjustable hoop bracket which can be easily installed on any lamp pole. Cost Efficient – Reduces labor and maintenance costs. High Efficiency – Power Factory >90%, THD POSSIBLE USES: This unit is designed to be used on highways and streets. The directional light output of the GeoSL-6 allows for reduced light pollution. With its low energy consumption multiplied over a number of units the savings add up.


Price: $1297.00

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25 Year Performance Warranty