Fronius IG 2500-LV Grid Tie Inverter, 2400 Watt, 208V

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The FRONIUS IG 2500-LV, 2400 watt 208V grid-tie photovoltaic inverter utilizes high frequency architecture to deliver higher reliability and performance while reducing size, weight and installation cost. The Fronius IG series has proven itself to be powerful, user-friendly and highly reliable. Equipped for every size of PV system, especially for smaller systems (e.g. on the roof of a one-family home). The combination of different types available for selection is limitless. The ingenious processor control combined with the powerful HF transformer extracts the maximum energy yield from all types of modules. Features High Efficiency High Reliability HF Technology MPPT-Efficiency Active Cooling = More energy harvested from your solar power system! All manufacturing, assembly and testing of the FRONIUS IG inverters occurs at Fronius' ISO 9001 factory. The result – superior quality control, high product availability, and quick response time. Plug-n-Play Digital Technology Just like your Personal Computer, FRONIUS IG inverters come with 3 user interface slots that allow you to add features, such as external sensors and remote displays, to your FRONIUS IG at any time. You can also connect to your IG via laptop or PC to update your inverter with new state of the art features and technology advances as they become available. Active Cooling For high reliability, long life and the ability to operate at full power over a wide range of temperatures, inverter components must be kept cool. Fronius, which perfected Active Cooling in HF welders, employs the same Active Cooling technology in its IG inverters. FRONIUS IG inverters operate reliably at full power, without de-rating, over a wider range of temperatures than competing inverters. Easy Installation Each inverter comes with a separate quick mounting bracket. With its lightweight and compact design the FRONIUS IG can be easily lifted on or off of the bracket. Standard knockouts, built in AC/DC breakers (optional) and terminal strip saves time and expense when making electrical connections. High Frequency (HF) Technology High frequency technology is extremely compact and yet capable of transforming considerable power. Using an innovative Phase-Shift process the FRONIUS IG minimizes switching losses and is able to generate ultra high conversion efficiencies of 94.4%!   Specifications Peak Inverter Capacity: 95.2% Maximum DC Input Voltage: 500V Maximum DC Input Current: 18A AC Nominal Voltage: 240 V AC Frequency: 60Hertz Continous AC Power Output: 2700Watts Nominal AC Voltage: 240Volts Dimensions: 18.5 × 16.5 × 8.8 inches Weight: 26 pounds


Price: $1725.00

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25 Year Performance Warranty