Fronius Datalogger pro Box

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The Datalogger is the system's information collector. It is the interface between inverter (via Com Card) and PC. Here the data is bundled and pre-processed for the Fronius IG access software. The brain of the operation. The Datalogger pro Box stores data from up to 100 inverters and 10 Sensor Cards / Boxes, along with your programmed sensor constants and other information. Works in tandem with COM Cards within DataCom System to provide real-time and archived data and enable use of PC based monitoring and free web-hosted data access. Supports up to 100 Fronius IG Solar Inverters per Datalogger Box. -The Datalogger is available either as a plug-in card or box. Both are simply plugged into the inverter using the plug & play principle. The card is recommended for distances of up to 20 m between the inverter and PC; the box can bridge a distance of up to 1 km. The Datalogger stores every detail of the PV system for a period of up to 3 years. Specifications 100 solar inverters from the Fronius IG or Fronius IG Plus series (several types may be combined, e.g. IG 15 and IG 60 with an internal and external housing) 10 sensor cards / boxes 10 public display cards / boxes 1 interface card / box 200 string controls


Price: $575.00

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25 Year Performance Warranty