Exeltech XP1100 12-Volt 1100 Watt Sine Wave Inverter

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Exeltech XP Series inverters are the most affordable, reliable, lightweight and best regulated true sine wave inverters available. XP Series inverters will operate any AC load anywhere. Ultra lightweight, yet rugged enough for the most extreme mobile environments, the XP series is available in 120VAC, 60Hz for land, marine or military applications. A Low Idle Current feature is now installed on all XP1100's. When the unit is on but under no load, a ferrite bar across the inductor reduces the idling power drain. Not all waveforms are the same Inverter technology has advanced far beyond what was available only a decade ago. The first electronic inverters to be introduced were basic square inverters. This type has the most limited application and is not recommended for televisions or computers. As time and technology progressed, a second generation power inverter became popular and was called a "modified-square wave" or "quasi-sine wave" inverter. The "modified-square wave" can regulate RMS (root mean squared) voltage but not peak voltage. The type of inverter will not properly power electronic loads. Today's technology has produced the most sophisticated power inverters on the market – true sine wave. Exeltech inverters deliver the exact output voltage and waveform that exists in home and office environments, guaranteeing that electronic devices will receive a highly regulated sine wave. This inverter provides smooth, continuous power, without noise and voltage spikes which could effect performance or ultimately damage expensive electronic equipment.


Price: $799.00

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25 Year Performance Warranty