Enphase Environ Smart Thermostat EVRN-RT-01

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The Enphase Environ Smart Thermostat is a device that integrates with the Enphase Enlighten website, allowing owners to simultaneously manage their solar system along with their heating and cooling system in a single web-based platform. Heating and cooling typically account for over 50% of home energy use, adding up to hundreds of dollars every year.  Environ makes it easy to take control of your energy usage with web-based thermostat controls. Environ owners can set or adjust their home temperature at anytime and from anywhere, using a web browser or smart phone, as well as directly with the thermostat device.   Environ wirelessly connects to the Envoy Communications Gateway using the Zigbee communications protocol. The Envoy connects the Environ to the internet, allowing it to transmit and receive information from the Enlighten website.   Environ Features   -Controls nearly any common residential heating and cooling system -Supports 3 stages of heat, 2 stages of cool, multi-stage heat pumps, humidifier, de-humidifier and external air baffles -Programmable up to 7 periods per day, 7 days a week -Large LCD touch-screen display Setup  -Installed using standard thermostat wiring and mounting -Zigbee wireless technology offers plug-and-play connectivity to the Envoy Communications Gateway -Easily programmed using web browser interface  Frequently Asked Questions  Q: Do I need to have an Enphase Microinverters installed to use Environ?  A: The Enphase Environ is designed to Integrate into the Enphase Microinverter System, which includes solar microinverters, the Envoy Communications Gateway and the Enlighten website. It is possible to use an Environ without the rest of the Enphase system, but it is not recommended.  Q: How is Environ priced?  A: In addition to the price of the Environ thermostat device, there is a subscription fee for the online (Enlighten) access of Environ. Where the Enlighten monitoring system is priced on a per module basis, the Environ service is a flat fee per month, and may be purchased in 1-year increments.  Q: What software upgrades are required on Envoy to run the Environ?  A: Before installing the Environ, your installer should install the Envoy Communications Gateway and register it in Enlighten. Once this is complete, Envoy software upgrades will happen automatically in a matter of minutes.  Q: What heat and cooling systems work with Environ?  A: Environ is designed to work with nearly all common heat and cooling systems, including multi-stage heating and cooling, and hybrid systems.  Q: Will existing Enphase system owners be able to install an Environ?  A: Yes Q: What makes the Environ a "solar-integrated" thermostat?  A: Once installed, the Environ wirelessly connects to your Enphase Microinverter System. This integration enables homeowners to view and control both their solar energy system as well as their thermostat from a single online interface.


Price: $389.00

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25 Year Performance Warranty