Digital Service Multimeter, DMM51FSG

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General Tools Digital Service Multimeter, DMM51FSG If current runs through it – General Tools can detect it! No matter your electrical testing needs, General has some of the highest-quality test instruments available. Our multimeters are relied upon by some of America's finest electricians. HVAC, Industrial uses. Features: • Measures AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance, diode, continuity and Transistor hFE • Jumbo 3-1/2 digit display • Micro amps for FSG measurement • Low battery display • Continuity beeper • Protective boot with tilt stand Includes: • Rubber Holster • Carry Strap • All-weather Test Leads • Battery Specifications: AC voltage: 200mV to 750V DC voltage: 200mV to 1000V AC current: 200μA to 10A (6 range) DC current: 20μA to 10A (7 range) Resistance: 200ohm to 200Mohm (7 range)


Price: $56.99

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25 Year Performance Warranty