Dasol DS-A18-30, 30W 12VDC Solar Panel

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DASOL, DS-A18-30, PV MODULES, 30W, POLY/WHITE/CLEAR, J-BOX, CHINA DASOL off-grid solar modules offer industry leading performance for both commercial and domestic stand-alone application systems. Manufactured under ISO9001 certified conditions, and by using heavy-duty anodized aluminum frame and high performance solar cellsour modules are engineered to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions. All of the solar modules are IEC certified by TUV. These solar modules are designed to be 18 voltage, suitable to charge 12 voltage battery or power 12 voltage DC load. Solar cells: Polycrystalline solar cells Laminate: Glass /EVA / TPT (tedlar/pet/tedlar) or TPE Front Side: High-transmission 3.2mm tempered glass Back Side: TPT /TPE Frame: Clear anodized aluminum frame Output: Junction box Electrical Characteristics Max Power: 30W Max Power Voltage (Vmpp): 18V Max Power Current (Impp): 1.67A Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 22.3V Short Circuit Current (Isc): 1.82A Hanwha Solar Panel Datasheet: //


Price: $74.75

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25 Year Performance Warranty