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Fronius USA, LLC has unveiled their latest product line of grid-connected PV inverters, the IG Plus 12.0-3 Delta. The latest generation inverter is designed to give maximum energy harvest from every ray of sunlight, and is compatible with all module configurations. Best suited for large residential and commercial applications. New product features include Three efficiency peaks. The unique automatic transformer switching function enables not one, but three efficiency peaks resulting in consistently high efficiency over a wide input voltage range. The Mix™ Concept on the 2 and 3 power stage inverters allows maximum power harvest out of partial load ranges, e.g. on cloudy days, through a clever combination of multiple power stages in each inverter. The optimized Module-Manager™ Software enables even more efficient MPP-tracking which is especially important for systems with thin film modules who's MPP can be a bit more challenging to track. Smart ventilation design keeps disruptive ambient factors away from the circuitry by drawing cool air through a filter screen on the back of the inverter where it is routed through a closed channel over the heat sink. This prevents contact between outside air and the circuit boards, while cooling the inverter components. The new power plug system allows for easy installation and service work by the separate mounting of connection-area and power stage unit. If service should be required, the connection compartment remains on the wall maintaining all settings and configurations. The Fronius IG Plus comes complete with an approved, built-in, lockable and load breakable DC Disconnect. Grounding selectable on-site, and field programmability of the AC output voltage are additional benefits. Equipment features: Grounding selectable on site. Decide on site what type of grounding is required as the Fronius IG Plus is field programmable for either positive or negative module grounding. Designed for indoor and outdoor installations. All Fronius IG Plus inverters have a robust, well designed aluminum housing. UV resistance and corrosion protection enable them to be used either indoors or outdoors. Fronius is proud to be one of the only inverters tested and approved to operate at 122° F. Integrated DC disconnect. No external DC disconnect installation or cabling is necessary. The Fronius IG Plus comes complete with an approved, built-in, lockable and load breakable DC Disconnect. The new power plug system. The connection area and power stages are installed separately from each other. Very easy and extremely safe: The connection area is attached to the wall as normal. Then the power module is simply plugged in. The power plug connects both parts into one secure unit. If service is required, the connector remains on the wall maintaining all settings and configurations. Specifications Peak Inverter Efficiency: 96.2% CEC Weighted Efficiency: 96% Maximum DC Input Voltage: 600V Maximum DC Input Current: 56.1A AC Nominal Voltage: 277 V AC Frequency: 60Hertz Continous AC Power Output: 12000Watts Nominal AC Voltage: 277Volts Dimensions: 17.1 × 48.1 × 9.6 inches Weight: 108 pounds  


Price: $5101.60

ORDER HERE: Fronius IG Plus 12.0-3 WYE277, 12000 watt Grid Tie Inverter

25 Year Performance Warranty