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The Sunny WebBox allows users to access their system performance data anytime – from anywhere in the world. The Sunny WebBox can interface with up to 50 Sunny Boy inverters and automatically posts their performance data to SMA's Web – based portal called Sunny Portal. The Sunny WebBox can communicate via Ethernet or an internal analog modem. The data collected is stored in common file formats for use in spread sheets, graphs or other websites. The Sunny WebBox can be a very useful tool for installers as well. Installers can keep watch on new installations making sure that they are operating as specified. For new home construction, entire blocks of homes can be monitored by a single Sunny WebBox allowing both the system owners and installers a way to monitor the performance of the systems. This is also an excellent tool for demonstration systems. In addition, it provides a method for service personnel to receive prior notice to any potential issues or to check the status of a system before traveling to the site. Features: System Access from any Web browser – anywhere in the world Recording of daily, monthly and annual energy yield via Sunny Portal Remote plant diagnosis Remote system configuration Automatic data transfer at chosen intervals Data storage and display via Ethernet Compatible with all SMA inverters Low power consumption Specifications:


Price: $670.00


25 Year Performance Warranty